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ANYONE Can Send Distance Healing!

This week a small handful of people all contacted me separately wanting to know about one particular topic - distance healing. Specifically they were wishing to perform distant healings for those in need, but were unsure whether or not someone could do so without Reiki Level II training. Since this seemed to be on many minds, and I think the answer is important for people to know, I felt it appropriate to write a little on the topic. ANYONE CAN PRACTICE DISTANCE HEALING! All it takes to do so is the firm belief that one can do it, coupled with the intent to do so. Period. Focus on your intent and then send healing energy their way. That's it! This question comes up a lot for students of Reiki, as they know that with Reiki Level II training one receives a distance healing symbol. Therefore the logic follows that without said symbol one would not necessarily be able to heal remotely. This is simply not the case. It always makes me sad to hear Reiki I students say "I really want to be sending healing to this relative/friend who lives far away, but I haven't been able to get my Reiki II yet". Don't let the mystique of symbols keep you from using your energy to heal! The energy is complete in and of itself, your Reiki I energy can do the same thing as my Reiki III Master-Teacher energy! It all comes down to confidence and intent. So what's up with the Reiki distance symbol anyway then? The Reiki distance healing symbol was put in place within the system in order to help new practitioners learn to have confidence in their ability to send distance healings. It represents one particular method to providing healing energy to someone far away. It is certainly not the only way, and Reiki practitioners need not wait to send to healing energy remotely until they have the symbol. One main reason that distance healing is not presented until the 2nd level of Reiki training, is that one doesn't wish to overwhelm the new student with methods and techniques - Reiki I is about getting in touch with the energy, getting confident in channeling it, and learning the basic hand positions. But that does not mean that the energy is limited by the student's limited background. Another reason that distance healing is not taught until Level II is that it takes many students a good while to feel confident with the fact that subtle energy healing works and is powerful. Coming to terms with that fact can be difficult for many, but then taking the jump that this same energy can be effective when the recipient is not present is even harder for them to accept. It's interesting to think that there's been such a blockage against thinking that such things can be so, when it's common belief that people can be prayed for from any distance and still have it be effective. Sending healing energy and sending prayer energy works on the same principles - belief and intent. Believe the energy will get to the recipient, and send the energy/prayer along with the intent for it to reach them. But some people still need a bit more help getting to the belief part when it comes to healing energy, and so enters the Reiki distance healing symbol to facilitate that very thing. In many ways the Reiki distance healing symbol is the "Dumbo's feather" and "training wheels" of remote healing - and I mean that in the most endearing way possible. If a Reiki I practitioner is interested in sending healing energy along to someone who is not present, all they need to is set their intent for the energy to flow to them and then beam the energy. If you'll feel more confident in having an outside visual reference for your intended recipient, then feel free to use a photograph of them, or even simply write their name on a piece of paper. You can then beam Reiki into that surrogate, or hold it in your hands as you send energy directly into it with the intention for the healing to reach them. If you are not attuned to Reiki, or have not been trained in another energetic healing modality and you still would like to send healing energy to another here is a quick way to do so effectively and without draining your own personal energy stores: Take a few minutes to relax and center yourself. When you are ready, imagine that your crown chakra is open to the Universal energies that flow through all things - imagine that you are connected to the chi, ki, prana, ruach, tao, force. Spend a few moments feeling the sensation of that energy flowing into you from your crown, and down through your spinal column/chakra string. Imagine yourself as a tube THROUGH which this energy is flowing freely and strongly. When you've got that image and sensation strongly in mind, then let your root chakra open you up to the Earth energies below you. Feel those grounding energies flow up your spinal column/chakra string, mixing with the Universal energies and creating a stable equilibrium of vibrant energy. Now imagine that two more "tubes" grow off of this central column of energies which go down each arm and exit through your palm chakras. Spend a few minutes letting the energies of Earth and Universe flow THROUGH you and out THROUGH your arms. When you are firmly connected to this energy, and feel confident that you are acting as a conduit for these infinite healing energies -turn your consciousness to the person/place/thing/situation that you wish to send healing to. If you can visualize them/it or otherwise make a strong mental connection to them, then simply intend that the energy flow to them. If you need an outside visual, then a photograph or other representative (their name on a paper) will do fine - simply send your energy into that surrogate item with the intent that it flows to the target itself through the medium of that item. If you'd like to hold the surrogate in your hands while you do so, feel free to. Stay present with the energy as it flows. Eventually you will likely feel the flow start to lessen, &/or cease to flow altogether. Take that as a sign that the healing is completed for this session. Let the energy stop flowing through your arms, bringing it back into the central spinal column/chakra string. Gently close down the crown connection to the Universe with a thought of gratitude for it's infinite abundance. Let all the excess energy flow downwards through you and into the Earth, grounding you as it goes. Let it flow out with gratitude for it's infinite abundance. When you feel that you are back into a normal energetic state, allow your root to close. Take a moment to come back to your center, and then back into wakeful consciousness. I hope that this has inspired many of you to begin sending healing energy to people and places far and wide, whether or not you've had any formal training. Our connection to the Infinite White Light is our divine birthright. We all can do it. We just have to remind ourselves that we can.

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