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~ $80 for 60 minutes ~ ~ $120 for 80 minutes ~



Sound has been referred to as the "medicine of the future" by many pioneering medical and intuitive practitioners the world over. Various frequencies of sound have been shown to lower or raise blood pressure, activate the parasympathetic or sympathetic nervous systems, entrain brain waves to various states of consciousness - even eradicating certain harmful microbes and growths. Even if you haven't read up on all the emerging research, almost everyone has experienced the power of sound and music to alter our emotional states of being! 

This unique and powerful healing experience focuses on utilizing sound for clearing and bringing the 7 chakras and auric bodies back into harmony and alignment.

Using sonic vibrations applied directly to the body and aura with precisely crafted tuning forks, stagnant energy is cleared and energy bodies are balanced. Usui Reiki is channeled before and after the sound application to flush and replenish the spiritual and physical bodies. Intuitive vocal toning may also be utilized.

We offer a standard 60 minute session which includes the Reiki and tuning fork sound healing application.

Or treat yourself to our Deluxe 80 minute session which is concluded by the client being grounded through chakra-focused reflexology. 

As with any meridian therapy, regular treatments are recommended to fully anchor positive shifts into one's energy bodies, and to ensure long-lasting wellness. To facilitate regular energetic care, we offer discounted multiple treatment package rates for clients.

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