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$90 for 75 mins



A thoroughly immersive healing experience, this multi-modality treatment aims to clear your aura, chakras, and meridians of any stagnant energy, and bring in a new supply of fresh prana to allow your body to refresh and heal itself.

Guided meditation will help transition the client in and out of meditative states of consciousness that facilitate deeper integration. Usui Reiki is channeled into meridian paths to aid in flushing out sluggish or stagnant energy, while supplying the body with fresh stores of chi. Crystals are then applied to key points on the body to restore and amplify the healthy resonances of the chakras. Vibrational aromatherapy, fortified with Flower & Gem Essences are infused into the auric field via atomizer to facilitate etheric releases, and strengthen the auric matix during this intensely relaxing and rejuvenating session.

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