What Are Mantras?

The magical power of words & sound is recognized in spiritual traditions the world over, and mantras are among the most famous and ancient magical word formulas. Mantras are a form of magical prayer-chant that originates in the Hindu tradition. They were designed specifically to have dramatic transformative effects on those that recited them.


When said aloud, each letter of the Sanskrit alphabet, the language in which the mantras were originally composed in, creates energetic vibrations that when combined into spiritually potent phrases are believed to help the chanter attain their goals and desires - or even bring them into contact with the Divine!

To create real world changes for the practitioner, mantras are chanted a particular number of times each day, for traditionally prescribed lengths of time. Those dedicated to this sadhana can start seeing positive forward movement within a just a few days, with larger results manifesting over the course of the discipline.

Mantra Therapy Consultations

Mantras are commonly chanted by people who have a need or desire that they wish to work spiritually to support the manifestation of their goals. There are millions of traditional mantras, and trying to determine which one is best suited for your needs and skill level, and ensuring proper pronunciation can be overwhelming and tricky!

D Spring has worked intensively with mantras since 2001, and can help guide you! Experienced in communicating simple, yet powerful rituals and practices to clients and students, she will help you co-create a mantra sadhana to get you to where you want to be.

This consultation allows you to explore a challenging situation that you are currently facing, or a goal that you would like to manifest, for which you would like a mantra to chant and meditate with that can aid you. There are mantras that can aid nearly any situation, and help manifest any positive life goal. This session will help determine exactly which mantra is most likely to assist you!

After assessing the situation through active dialogue, intuitive insight will be expanded through the use of oracle cards to get a more rounded perspective on the best way to approach the matter.

An appropriate mantra will then be chosen, and you will be provided with straight-forward coaching on proper how best to utilize the mantra. Together you will co-create a practical mantra sadhana that suits your experience and lifestyle to set you up for success.

This consultation can be held in-person or via Skype.

$80 per initial consultation.

Additional coaching available if desired - email us to discuss package rates.

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