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Usui Reiki I Certification

Begin your Reiki healing journey by entering into the tradition with this foundation level training. History, energetic cleansing & hygiene, traditional hand positions, and more are all covered in-depth in this course.

Investment : $225

Usui Reiki II Certification

Deepen your knowledge, and expand your Reiki healing toolkit by becoming trained in the meaning and usage of the 3 primary Usui Reiki symbols, and learn to use them within a personal or professional practice.

Investment: $300

Usui Reiki Master Practitioner Certification

The final level of Usui Reiki Mastery is divided into two sections:
Usui Reiki Master Practitioner, followed by Usui Reiki Master Teacher.

Students who wish to utilize the master symbols in healing contexts, and who have previously trained with Prana Devi Healing Arts may request as assessment for readiness for the penultimate stage of training.

Students who complete that training, and who wish to go on to craft a personal teaching practice, are free to discuss eligibility for Usui Reiki Master Teacher training. The final training is done over a 12-month period.