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Private 1-on-1 Usui Reiki Practitioner Certification

Enjoy the fully personalized experience of 1-on-1 instruction, while becoming certified to perform gentle and powerful Usui Reiki healings. These thorough courses include many unique & important methods for staying healthy as you practice, and provide the undivided attention of the Reiki Master-Teacher, so that all your questions and concerns can be addressed!

Learn Usui Reiki in a grounded way that honors the Japanese lineage, focusing on an academically-researched history and development, and integrating wisdom on maintaining high levels of energetic hygiene and integrity, to ensure practitioners and their sacred healing spaces remain balanced. There will also be heart-centered discussion regarding consent in healing, in light of the recent shifts in social awareness.

Our private classes are suitable for anyone wishing to learn Reiki in a more intensive and personal way, or who may deal with issues of social anxiety for whom groups situations may be stressful. They are also well-suited to bodyworkers experienced in other modalities, who may have more advanced background knowledge, and wish to delve further into the topics than a group class for all levels may allow. 

Prana Devi Healing Arts private classes are always 1-on-1, so you receive all of the individual instruction and attention you deserve. The certification is broken into an academic section, and then the hands-on practical following the attunements. Private students will have ample opportunity to practicing giving, as well as experience receiving Reiki energy from the Reiki Master-Teacher.

Each class is 6 hours long - though sometimes in private classes they may end up completing earlier since only one person's questions need to be attended to.

In some cases in-home classes may be arranged at the student's residence. Certain restrictions apply. Please contact us to discuss arrangements.


Topics covered include (but are not limited to):

Usui Reiki I


* Academically-accurate history & development of Usui Reiki

* Grounded perspective on Reiki attunements

* Ethics of consent in healing work

* Spiritual cleansing & energetic hygiene for practitioners

* Basic energetic anatomy

* Bio-scanning & auric assessment

* Traditional Reiki hand positions for treating self & others

* Mindfulness meditation and Reiki


Investment: $225. Manual & Practitioner Certificate included.

Usui Reiki II

* Academically-accurate history & development of Usui Reiki symbols

* Ethics of consent in distance healing work

* Intermediate spiritual cleansing & energetic hygiene for practitioners

* Usui Reiki "Power" Symbol

* Usui Reiki "Distance Healing" Symbol

* Usui Reiki "Mental/Emotional Healing" Symbol

Investment: $300. Manual & Practitioner Certificate included.


Financial assistance & payment plans available - contact us for details.


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